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Engage, Monitor & Automate Your Follow-up
In Less Time
Then Humanly Possible!

The LeadBOOKER CRM is a Natural Plugin That Works Seamlessly With The Advance Website

Ease of Flow

Our goal was simple... Make the best CRM in the real estate industry based on ease-of-use combined with maximum automation. This was achieved by paying very careful attention to real estate agents that are in the trenches and apply what it was they needed based on their feedback.

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Phone Dialer & SMS Texting

The latest technical advances have expanded our CRM creativity that enabled us to include auto speed dialing and automated SMS text messages, giving you the opportunity for to achieve maximum contact capabilities and increased client engagement. 




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Lead Management

The ability to see who is looking and what homes they are looking at is one of the most incredible features that we have added to the Lead Booker CRM. Algorithms that actually make it easy to spot the most active lookers... Magical. 

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Organizing & Automating Your List Will Make You Better!

About 30 years ago well before computers, I started organizing my leads in stacks of paper, as my business grew it became necessary to acquire a computer to become better at managing large numbers of leads. My first CRM was a DOS version and was extremely tedious and hard to learn, taking me over two months to get up to speed and another two training an assistant. When windows finally came along there was still in a long learning curve and many of the items that were in the CRM we're useless.

LeadBOOKER Is the advanced version of 30 years of lead managing knowledge... where we focused on three main areas in the development of this CRM. Starting with the ease of flow, we wanted to make moving around the CRM fast and efficient so you could massively cut down on the learning curve and get to the most active leads fast.. What took months and months to learn in the original Windows versions... can now be taught in 40 minutes.

The second very exciting feature that we wanted to add to LeadBOOKER was the ability to synchronize all of your websites, funnelling the leads to one location, one easy to manage place. We then saw the need to build in listing feeds that would enable you to display all of the listings on your real estate board right there on your website so that your real estate website could be the go-to place on the Internet for all of your leads and clients.

We then saw the need to build in listing feeds that would enable you to display all of the listings on your real estate board right there on your website so that your real estate website could be the go-to place on the Internet for all of your leads and clients.

We didn't stop there... We created the ability to speed manage your leads, automate your emails, speed dial your contacts and automate your SMS texting.

And the mother of all tools... we created algorithyms that monitor the activity of your clients... to literally be able to see who are the most active and what the most recent visitors are doing at all times... Flushing your HOTTEST leads out of the Internet jungle where they are easy to see.

eMail Verification

Deliver more emails more inboxes when you add an email verification to your campaigns.  Whether you were sending A... Read More...

Most Active Visitor Tools

We have created new algorithms that have put LeadBOOKER a quantum leap ahead of other CRM's because we have added a... Read More...

Speed Manage Leads

Moving quickly and easily from lead to lead or group to group, speed dialing, SMS texting, emailing and working on ... Read More...

Automated SMS Texting & Speed Dialing

Automation is critical in our fast-paced world and automation and SMS Texting is one of those must-have features... One... Read More...

Round Robbin Leads

Easily track and monitor leads better distributed to your team members or anyone else that helps you are you're while yo... Read More...

Easy Website Integration

One of the most powerful features of the LeadBOOKER CRM Is the seamless integration with all of the websites within the ... Read More...


A website that looks awesome

A website that looks and feels the way you want it to will simply be more fun to work and promote with. These were the two big goals we set out to achieve when we built our new Advanced Websites. Because over 90% of people use the Internet to look at real estate, it's just a lot more enjoyable to have your main branded website represent you the way you want to be represented. It must look good, it should promote you and your listings and it must appeal to your buyers and sellers.

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Engage, Nurture and Convert More Leads

Turn more leads into clients with the automated marketing and lead management tools in LeadBOOKER

  • Email Lead Alerts
  • Email Verification
  • Automated Email Campaigns
  • Automated Speed Dialing
  • Automated SMS Texting
  • Track Lead Activity
  • Speed Manage Groups
  • Predictive Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Reports & Analytics

Happy Clients

What our clients say about us

  • I gotta tell you I love your systems...Rich

    Richard Fournier
  • This is a great system, I like the fact that I can build it around my business model. James really pays attention to a Real Estate Professional's needs... if you suggest a feature he and his team will implement it quite fast.   
    The Advance Websites (Branded Website) and Gold Rush Leads (Google Campaign) seamlessly work together in the background. And you have brand new shiny new Lead Booker CRM with Drip Campaigns, Automatic SMS Text messaging to your new leads and lead monitoring.
    If you are looking for lead campaigns, lead management and automatic follow-ups, this is the system I would strongly recommend. 

    Tom Smok
  • One of the things I love about you and the Advance Website System is…. you are hands on. You get to us when we need you and are always full of great ideas. Thank you for making our business better.

    Dawn Setter
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